Team Update


Weekly Store Pick Ups — NEW addition

In addition to our weekly store pick ups for clothes, we were approached by Golden Harvest and have accepted the offer to pick up from (5) Dollar General Stores “weekly” to begin in October.  We are believing this to be a great help in addition to what we are already giving out.  What a BLESSING!  Agreement papers have all been signed and we will hear more about this any day!


New Building Updates and Year End Training

We have “officially” closed on our new building.  The former owners are still moving out and should be completely out this week.


A “Year End Training” will equip us for the move!  We will let you know that date as soon as possible so everyone can make plans to attend.  This training will include security and proper protocols in place for each department.


Project Life Team Forms for Upcoming 2022

An updated form for you to fill out will be coming to you soon.  These forms will be kept in the event of an emergency. There will also be a Character Guidelines sheet to complete.


Project Life and Easter Seals

As a result of our last Resource Fair participation at May Park, we have been able to team up with Easter Seals to offer a Work Ready Class.  This class will begin this Monday at 11 am in the Computer Room for anyone interested.  Flyers are located at “check out” for us to pass out and encourage participation.  This is a super exciting connection.


Project Life T-Shirts

When you are wearing your Project Life t-shirt out into the community, please be aware of your character and fruit at all times.  You are representing us and we have built a great reputation in our community among our clients and corporate sponsors.   That’s a golden t-shirt; please wear it wisely.



Please be mindful when you are disposing LARGE boxes, break them down before placing in the dumpster. Whole boxes fill up the valuable dumpster space.  This will be a huge help!


Keep in prayer our teammates Rita, Lynn, and Zahira’s grand baby (David)….we declare the word of HEALTH over them and Isaiah 54:17, Psalms 103


Keep in prayer our teammates Demetrice and Davis Jones… Demetrice lost her mother, and Davis lost his father.


Our mission is to bring LIFE to the city we love…..Our goal is simple: love them, feed them, clothe them, and give them the opportunity to rewrite their story.


Remember to invite our clients to church and Thursday’s weekly Bible Study!


We are a strong and unified team because of YOU!  We will reach our city. Many are having their life-defining moments as their lives are touched by the love and compassion that each of your bring EVERY DAY we open our doors to our city.


Ps……We will have a worship time to dedicate our new building to the Lord coming up soon!



Amy Maxwell
Executive Director
Project Life
M: 706-840-4002